2008 Cayman S 0-60 Reach in Less than Six Seconds

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In 2008 Cayman launched Cayman S 0-60 and Cayman. These two cars are almost the same in look but have different specification especially in the engine. Cayman S is manufactured by Porsche, one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world. Cayman series is the exclusive design of sports car produced by Porsche. Cayman is made for higher class society as its target market, which is why the packaging of this car is elegant and luxurious.

The standard specification of this car is using five speed manual transmission as the option the consumer could choose another type of transmission such as six speed manual and five speed Tiptronic transmission. Porsche claims that Cayman S could do 0-60 in less than six second in manual or automatic transmission. However, some people said that the time would vary based on the driver and users of the car. Another feature in this car is that, this car installed with two-piece aluminum block and flat-six boxer layout in the design.

Cayman S use 3.4 liter engine that also equip with special engine from Porsche called as Porsche’s VarioCam Plus that have advance technology in maximizing the performance of the car. This engine could make the airflow in the car better and cause powerful performance. The engine could produce 295 horsepower. In the cabin of Cayman S, the driver could see oil indicator to make the driver could check the condition of the oil supply and temperature of the car easily.

Even though this car could run faster on the road, the stability of this car is no doubt. Cayman S equips with stability system that make this car have full control on the road. Lightweight aluminum axle make this car is easy to control the steering. You could fulfill your adventurous soul by having this car because the navigation system in this car will be very helpful for you to travel all around the country.

So, if you are the biggest fan of Porsche, you should have Cayman S. This car will make you travel and having adventure without worrying about the direction. This car is equipped with latest technology of navigation system as well as having a fast performance on the road. You could run this car very fast with maximum stability performance because of the stability system that this car has. Cayman S 0-60 can reach 60mph in less than six seconds.

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