2016 Buick Riviera Setting the New Trend Setter of Modern Sedan

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The more modern sedan is presented by the 2016 Buick Riviera. It is different from any other sedans in designs and performance. With this new sedan, the Riviera commits to produce remarkable vehicle which is better than some other manufactured sedans. Unfortunately, the release date of this new generation of sedan is not clear. Some predictions occur that it will be released within the January to March of next year.

Under the hood, the new Riviera sedan will be powered with high performance of power train. But again, the exact engine is not released. The concept was announced in 2013 Beijing Motor Show that this generation will show a high performance. It is predicted that the conventional unit of this sedan will be supported with V8 engine. On the other hand, it is also rumored that this vehicle will be powered with two optional engine models. Besides the rumor that they will be the hybrid version which is paired to the conventional V8 engine and the electric motor, they will be also powered with full electric engine.

Taking a look at the exterior design, we will find that this modern sedan will look strong with premium characteristic. It has vast and sleek body. Better aerodynamics is developed to balance the speed. Blue LED lights complete the stylish headlights. Unique grill and curvy lines create a stunning face. Sculptural body is also presented under the doors. It looks aesthetically magnificent and elegant. Featured with cruise control, zone alert and lane departure warning, this deserves to be a trend setter of modern sedan.

Stylish interior will be also presented. Ebony and aluminum materials will cover the cabin. Luxury look is represented with the use of leather seats. The car is completed with high technology entertainments and operations. Balancing the entertainments, special material that reduces the noise will also be applied. Wireless plug-in, four wheel steering, high speed 4G LTE network and air spring package are perfect for long driving.

There is no official information about the price. To experience driving this car is not cheap, of course. The fans must be waiting for the next updated information about this amazing sedan. At least, some new spy photos will be calming down. For more information about the new sedan legendary, within the next coming months, the American automotive giant will reveal some ideas. The information about the 2016 Buick Riviera price seems to be the most crucial so that we can make some preparations to have it next year.

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