Mazda rx8 0-60 Time Powered by Special Rotary Engine


Some of you may judge that Mazda rx8 0-60 can determine whether the car deserves to be owned or not. The Mazda rx8 was firstly introduced in North American International Auto Show in 2001. It is included as a unique sport car because of its coupe design may also transform into a family car. It is strange, but the sleek and stylish design of the car makes it impossible to appear and compete with other cars in the same class. This car was confidently showed off in 2003.

The engine is also special. The car is equipped with Wankel engine or commonly called rotary engine. It has perfect RPM range and smooth power delivery. Some drivers consider this feature better than other features applied in other sport cars unless the car has bad reputation on the fuel efficiency, burning oil, and the torque. The front mid engine configuration should also be considered. Sport car enthusiasts should be grateful of having a new riding with this configuration offering better achievement in handling the corners.

The interior and exterior designs of Mazda rx8 are interesting enough. Futuristic look is presented by the exterior design. The 16 or 18 inch wheels, slim face, sporty rear and stylish headlights complete its appearance. The interior looks more impressive with some standard features such as AC and power windows. Freestyle concept is offered with the roomy interior. The cabin is also larger. The interior is designed in driver oriented style in order to serve the drivers with easy to handle riding.

There are actually some models that are offered. They are the Sport, Touring and Grand Touring models. For the base models, 18 inch wheels, performance tires, six-speaker CD stereo, leather steering wheel and the cruise control are installed. For the Sport model, Xenon headlights, fog lights, traction and stability control are added. The touring model will give more coddling service with the Bose audio system, dimming mirror and a sunroof. The six way power adjustable driver seats and the leather upholstery are only applied for the Grand Touring car.

Powering this car, a 1.3 l rotary engine is equipped. It produces 231 horsepower. Then, it is also featured with better fuel economy and emissions. All of the car types feature RWD drivetrain with six speed manual transmission. It is important to see the Mazda rx8 0-60 time. The 2009 Mazda rx8 0-60 takes 6.3 seconds. The best Mazda rx8 0-60 is the 2004 Pettit Racing Coupe which takes only 5.7 seconds.

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