Is this love
On August 30th, 2010, a very special rendition of Bob Marley's "Is This Love", performed by Bilal, was recorded in Los Angeles.
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[Verse 1]
Why are we here?
Why are we wasting all of this time now?
Let me be clear baby
You won't be stressing me in my prime now
You need to speak to me better
Talk to me like I'm worth a damn
You could be treating me better
And I could be doing well on my on now, now, now
You say baby

"Hold me tight
Don't let go
Ease my mind
Keep me close
Hold me tight"

You're so subjective
This don't reflect what you give me

You're so subjective

If this is love
I don't want it
I don't need it
I could live without it

[Verse 2]
Oh I thought that I was okay
(Ain't I) treat you all the best ways?
(Ain't I) there whenever you call?
(Ain't I) check my tone when we don't agree
And I watch my words like a hawk?
(Ain't I) make it right when I'm wrong?
(Ain't I) stay away from whatcha' don't like?
Live vocal cover of the classic rock track Is This Love by Rob Lundgren (originally by Whitesnake)
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Whitesnake - Is This Love (Single, Album Whitesnake 1987)
"Made In Japan" Live Concert at the "Loud Park" Festival
Saitama Super Arena 2011, Tokyo Japan
"Forevermore World Tour"
David Coverdale - Vocals
Doug Aldrich - Guitar
Reb Beach - Guita
Brian Ruedy - Keyboards
Brian Tichy - Drums
Michael Devin - Bass
Song: This Is Love - Super Junior ♥
120k ♥ Thank you so much!!
"Love is everything, so if you have love, you have everything."
We do not have any rights on the song. We just like t...
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Black Jaguar White Tiger... @blackjaguarwhitetiger
Redneck pranks gone wrong at the Jackman house.
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I love how chill this is with the music @coub
Wedding day. Свадьба 07.07.17.

Друзья! У меня есть небольшая просьба, слушайте без сопоставления ни с чем, прозрачно, голос.
Listen to George Michael and former Sugababe Mutya Buena's duet 'This Is Not Real Love'. It was released as a single in November 2006
Video clip of...

Ray LaMontagne and The Pariah Dogs
This Love Is Over
yes, i'm back.
if you don't know a few days ago i was in hiatus, but i'm here, after a hard work and constant stress, i'm here again... OKAY LET'S ...

Music video by Public Image Limited performing This Is Not A Love Song. (C) 2013 Virgin Records Ltd
Is This Love by Bob Marley, performed by Jeff W
Un 22 de septiembre de 1951 nacía David Coverdale. Fue el vocalista de la banda Deep Purple durante el período 1973-1976 (reemplazando a Ian Gi...
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Ok. Wow honestly I cried buckets while making this edit because I saw how much these boys have been th...
David Coverdale on the track Is This Love from the 1987 Album.

30th Anniversary Super Deluxe Box set out now.
╭•⊰✿ 💖✿⊱•╮Esther Eden - Is This Love (Dezarate Dee Marcus ext mix)╭•⊰✿ 💖✿⊱•╮
Ecoutez la version envoutante de Is This Love par Rag'n'bone man dans le Drive RTL2.
Revivez l'intégralité du concert sur : http://www.rt...
Music video by Regina Belle performing This Is Love. (C) 1989 Sony BMG Music Entertainment
Music video by George Harrison performing This Is Love. (C) 2004 Umlaut Corporation, under exclusive licence to Calderstone Productions Limited, a ...
This is why mom doesn't F@cking love you! @coub
Story: Paige and Dean are dating, Sasha is his ex girlfriend who still suffers by the end of her relationship with Dean. Paige and Dean so super ...
Watch in HD :)))
♡ hey loves!! I'm backkkk Did ya miss me?? lol probably not but anywaysss here is a new au for you guys!! I hope you like it si...

Oh, this music (I LOVE LIFE IS STRANGE) @cryengen3 @coub
Music video by Whitesnake performing Is This Love. Taken from the album 'Whitesnake'

Buy Whitesnake's Greatest Hits on iTunes here: http://smartur...
Образ и Навигатор🐴
this is a compilation of TYLER JOSEPH covering the song Bugatti and the song that goes like ALL I DO IS WIN WIN WIN NO MATTER WHAT! thanks for watc...

«This Is Love» — песня Джорджа Харрисона, вышедшая в 1987 году на альбоме Cloud Nine. 13 июня 1988 года песня была издана в виде третьего сингла с того же альбома. В Великобритании, сингл поднялся до 55-й позиции в UK Singles Chart.
Shouting is cardio, so why not eat right and watch God transform your body as well as your soul!!! I’m soooo churchy lol!


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At the 2015 Clark Terry Jazz Festival at University of New Hampshire, 3/14/15.

Bobby Watson- Alto Sax
Terell Stafford- Trumpet
Les Harris, Jr.- Dr...
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The official video for Annihilator’s new track “Pieces Of You” buy now: from the upcoming album "For The De...

This Pigtail Monkey Is Not Kidnapper, she love the baby. These monkeys lead interesting lives which are rarely captured by journalists. However, us...
Here is the part from Disney's Cinderella where song "So This Is Love" is being played.

So this is love, Mmmmmm
So this is love...
Paula P'Cay live @ Mono Bar / Moscow / RU on 17th November 2017
Super Junior - THIS IS LOVE / Evanesce | 슈퍼주니어 - THIS IS LOVE / 백일몽
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I love his weird personality. Good luck Kim Jong-Woon on your 'short' journey to military. We will be waiting for your return on May 31, 2015. #Wew...
Stacey Baker has always been obsessed with how couples meet. When she asked photographer Alec Soth to help her explore this topic, they found thems...
Все знают, что просмотр фильмов на английском языке – хорошее подспорье в изучении этого самого языка в домашних условиях. Однако, как показывает практика, очень мало людей делают это. Когда доходит до дела, оказывается, что выбрать фильм не так-то просто: он должен не просто нравиться, но и соответствовать уровню словарного запаса человека на данный момент. Более того, хорошо, когда видео в определенной степени дублирует изучаемый материал, тогда мы видим последовательность и логику этих действий. Если мы говорим о young learners, то просмотр мультфильмов – одно из самых полезных домашних заданий, ведь это :
- интересно детям,
- короткие мультики отнимают мало времени,
- отличный способ повторять фразы самостоятельно.
Когда мы учим цвета с младшими школьниками, то смотрим мультик про Gogo. Вы тоже можете посмотреть его с нами ;)
Is This Love (Radio Edit) by Amfree & Jay Frog from the album Is This Love
Released 2014-04-15 on DJ Beat Records
Listen/download this album on you...
This is amazing. Caught the sky changing colours 😍 revine this if you love nature #beautiful #amazing @coub
EDIT: Please watch in 760p! The video in regular quality I found is a bit Jerky but if you change the settings it'll go alot smoother. :)

After three weeks of pushing, Jack and Rebecca get Randall's adoption finalized in a court of law. Watch new episodes of This Is Us on Tuesdays at ...
i had this done like 2-3 hours ago but t was rendering weird
I really like this even tho its super simple
I may make more of it
Semi vent but na

Me encanta esta cancioooooon.

Estaba dudando si subir el vídeo porque como podrán notar me equivoqué un poco y tiene ruiditos ambientales, per...
All the love
That I have for you
Is growing in the springtime
Like daffodils in bloom
Our love has no boundaries, no boundaries
Our love is the spa...
Видеограф Сергей Солнцев. Фото-видео студия SunVision Pro
"Is this what love's supposed to feel like? Pain?"

Welcome to the land of Ana's favorite ships. As always, this is not even most of them, but at t...
Whitesnake Live at Donington 1990
David Coverdale - vocales
Steve Vai - guitarra
Adrian Vandenberg - guitarra
Rudy Sarzo - bajo
Background information
OriginMiddlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England
GenresHard rock, heavy metal, blues-rock
Years active19771991, 1994, 199719...
SUPER JUNIOR’s 7th Album Special Edition "THIS IS LOVE" has been released.
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Let's follow "My Ex And Whys" stars Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil during their appearances in "Umagang Kay Ganda," "Matanglawin," One Music event, ...
Patrice Evra's Kung Fu kick is even better with music! -I LOVE THIS GAME! 😂
Culturebox, l'offre culturelle à la demande de France Télévisions, vous propose de revivre en replay Foals et le titre "Spanish Sahara" à This ...
Maryna Samoilenko covers "Is This love" by White Snake

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This is my first studio experience!
Watch in HD :)

▪ ms: Governors – Is This Love
▪ coloring: by autumnfanta
▪ Program: sony vegas 13
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Culturebox, l'offre culturelle à la demande de France Télévisions, vous propose de revivre en replay Foals à This Is Not A Love Song.

Foals li...
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Music video by PJ Harvey performing This Is Love. (C) 2000 Univers...
Кто там просил Utsu-P? Забирайте.
Да, это "ничегосебетекст" песня. Ну а чего вы еще ож ...

Culturebox, l'offre culturelle à la demande de France Télévisions, vous propose de revivre en replay Thee Oh Sees à This is not a Love Song 201...

Music video by performing This Is Love. (C) 2012 Interscope Records
Album out 4/23!!
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iTunes: ht...

HD is better + turn on the captions

These two completely broke my heart like everything was so cute and all and then ep 13 came and destroyed my h...
I know this is a very small video. But I really like this couple. . .
song: Governors – Is This Love

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Adam Lambert, international pop star and Grammy nominated singer-songwriter, performs Bob Marley's classic "Is This Love" at the historic Warfield ...
Whitesnake - Is This Love (Single, Album Whitesnake 1987)
"Made In Japan" Live Concert at the "Loud Park" Festival
Saitama Super Arena 2011, Toky...
Jingle Ball - San Francisco Warfield - December 14, 2012
Title: This is Love
Artist: 우영 (Wooyoung of 2PM)
Album: 3집 GROWN: Grand Edition

This is Wooyoung's solo and self-composed/produced song in t...
Only you're my everything the only being that I love Yes we fight a lot but we make up too, let's not quarrel, will Love you my little Arina !
Is This Love (Extended Mix) by Amfree & Jay Frog from the album Is This Love
Released 2014-04-15 on DJ Beat Records
Listen/download this album on y...

Queen Live at Wembley stadium 1985
Song written by Freddie Mercury
Song written by Brian May
Bohemian Rhapsody:

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Bob Marley feat. LVNDSCAPE & Bolier - Is This Love is OUT NOW! Listen on Spotify here: and iTunes here:

Свадебное видео Алёна + Виталий [Wedding 2015 Alena + Vitaliy]

Очень красивое и нежное свадеб ...
Bass Solo/Crying in the Rain (incl. Drum Solo)/Is this Love/Give me All your Love
Estadio Cubierto Malvinas Argentinas

Video by Antoine Vandenbrouck
LABEL Size Records
beatport ht...
A moody self penned ditty by yours truly

ME - Vocal, Synth & Drum Machine
Recorded sometime between 2008 & 2010 in my living room

I'll probably g...
Please watch: "Army Fail Compilation - June 2017"

This Is Why We Ride 2
Автор - vivaciousFanatic
Музыкальная композиция: Sail - Awolnation
kids video
funny scary pranks
funny prank videos
just another great video by PJ
Alice & The Wonderboy - Don't Tell Me This Is Love (Live 1983 HD)
Вы знаете, что такое взять человека за руку?... Иногда это сильнее, чем объятия и поцелуи, которые Вы можете дарить только самым близким. Иногда рука в руке сильнее, чем всё остальное. Иногда это помогает человеку понять, что он не один...
My gay heart. I don't think straight people even understand we have this fear
Culturebox, l'offre culturelle à la demande de France Télévisions, vous propose de revivre en replay Metz à This Is Not A Love Song.

This the song This alone is love of a-ha with lyrics. There is a lot of pictures of theme I hope you enjoy :-) !!!!

Song: This alone is love ...
whenever I hear a rowdy lackluster OPM song like this one, I can't help but Imagine Klance?

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