Like A Boy
Ciara - Like A Boy (Official Video)
412.7k Likes, 10.4k Comments - Barbie® (@nickiminaj) on Instagram: “Articulation. Pronunciation. Live vocal only. Cute. Minus me acting and look...
Gopro WORLD & Music tarafından paylaşılan Ciara - Like A Boy (Official Video) videosunu Dailymotion üzerinde izle.

Сингл - In a World Like This из 8 альбома группы с одноименным названием, выпущен 25 июня 2013 года.
Восьмой студийный альбом "In a World Like This" американской группы Backstreet Boys, выпущенный 24 июля 2013 года в Японии и 26 августа 2013 года в России.
Это первый альбом группы в оригинальном составе за последние шесть лет, в связи с возвращением Кевина Ричардсона. Этот альбом также является первым независимым альбомом Backstreet Boys после их ухода с лейбла Jive Records в 2010 году.
Get In A World Like This here:

Go behind the scenes of our In A World Like This photo shoot with famed photographer T...

This is a mep part so yeah...
It's pretty short ^-^°
I'm sorry.

Anime: Hetalia
Character: 2P America
Fanart: From: - ФУЛЛЫ ТУТ! - ПОРНО В 720! - ДОМАШНЕЕ ПОРНО!
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The Evolution (2006)

Отличная работа Ciara
Ciara's official music video for 'Like A Boy'. Click to listen to Ciara on Spotify:

As featured on Playli...
okey i made this video for a greaaaaat girl :) she's one of my best friends, and i love her so much!
Maria; i hope you like the video, thanks for ...
Took Fido sledding over the weekend and he sleds like a boss! Hehe.

**I do not own this music.For inspirational purposes only. Cinematographer: Tania Magai Dancers: @tane4ka_lab @lemar_lab @mushitsa @milest78 @monica_flame @natali_lab masha_galitsina
**I do not own this music.For inspirational purposes only. Cinematographer: Tania Magai Dancers: @tane4ka_lab @lemar_lab @mushitsa @milest78 @m...
from 'Bravo Italia' live show, 18.04.2015 A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You: Lance Lipinsky & the Lovers #rockabilly From their debut album "Roll"

Alex Creager: Director an...
fourth collab featuring multi males! let us know what you think in the comments and be sure to subscribe for upcoming collabs! thanks to sculdeurie...

I Own Nothing!
Yaoi Warning! (BoyxBoy)
I Think the idea of this vid is about how Naruto feels about Sasuke. Sometimes Sasuke act like he really ...

ЕЖЕДНЕВНО новые ВИДЕО и АУДИО в 3D (Daily Disco Dose)
I do not own any of this fancam in this video.
And some of the video are fmv by others.
I just edit this to fit the song and becoz of my love 4 exo...

Nick Urata - I Cried Like a Silly Boy (Acoustic at Syntax Physic Opera)
The Red Tack (Ted Thacker) (K)night of the Sorrowful Face Record Release Sh...
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Hi Guys! Hope you enjoy our new original...

Mehr von Jakob Mayer:
Go Sang Gil is a beautiful androgynous model from South Korea.
NK Team
Choreo by Kryukova Anastasia
Dancers: Anastasia Kryukova, Olesia Plotnikova, Julia Geronik, Katherine Dzyuminskaya, Ira Kupriyanova, Angelina Lastovichenko, Anastasia Kirilenko, Julia Surzhenko
Music: Ciara - Like a boy
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This video was supposed to be a yaoi video at first, but I just change...
I miss them as much as you miss them too.
Lets enjoy the moments. Do support After School right now, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and...
A piano cover of Ciara's "Like A Boy", arranged and performed by David Sides.

Click here to download the "Like A Boy" mp3 on iTunes:
The Backstreet Boys bring their new single "In a World Like This" to the America's Got Talent Stage. Plus, see the guys perform their massive hit "...
This is a dope cover song. Big boy sounds good and so does the choir that's backing him up! Amazing!!

Willie Spence is his name. Follow him on In...
В этом сезоне компания ВайТ Медиа подготовила для зрителей телеканала сюрприз! ...
Kaimon! This is a joke video! I made this after I saw Ian and Chris re-create the Delena kiss. It was hilarious. This is just for fun, so if you do...
Обучение с нуля в Уфе -
NK Team
Choreo by Kryukova Anastasia
Dancers: Anastasia Kryukova, Olesia Plotnikova, Julia Geronik, Katherine Dzyuminskaya, Ira Kupriyanova, Angelina Lastovichenko, Anastasia Kirilenko, Julia Surzhenko
Music: Ciara - Like a boy
This is an acoustic performance of 'Die Like A Rich Boy' - taken from Frightened Rabbit's brand new album 'Painting Of A Panic Attack'.

New album ...

Like A Version 2012 - January 20th
As per title

Original Video @ Triple J:
(Like A Version listings)

Pet Shop Boys - A Face Like That ( JCRZ 2nd Transfiguration Remix )
Maxi Jazz is widely know for his work with stadium-filling Electronica act Faithless, but he's just comfortable fronting a grooving R&B band like T...
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Дианочка танцует стриптиз под Jadyn Maria - Good Girls Like a Bad Boy
Тестовая трансляция концерта BackStreet Boys
Music video by The Like performing He's Not A Boy. (C) 2010 Geffen Records

Song: Omarion - DIstance
Choreography: Tatiana Ilinskaya
Camera Work: Tanya Magai
Dancers: Like a boy team
Location: New Peredelkino
Well This is my love Byakuran
Well i suppose do you like it
Song Kesha - Boy like you
Lin-Manuel Miranda and Raúl Esparza take on the roles of "Anita" and "Maria" in "West Side Story" at Miscast 2014.

MCC Theater's annual Miscast g...

Невероятная Кэтрин Пирс ♥

Автор: Stina Oedegaard
Трек: Marina And The Diamonds - "How To Be A Heartbreake"
smash that like button if you think today is great : ) here's a little road trippin' video with my boyfriend Ethan. if you didn't know, he has a su...
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A good man can make everyday Women's Day. Watch how!
Женский голос за кадром говорит: «Он любит делать чай, но это не делает его девочкой. Он знает, сколько сахара надо положить, но это не делает его девочкой. Он изящно наполняет чашки, но это не делает его девочкой. Он делает это для них обоих, но это не делает его девочкой. Всё это — делает его мальчиком……который нравится девочкам.»
Backstreet Boys explain how was the making off of the new album pictures shot by Tyler Shields. This collaboration has given as a result an amazing...

Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child
Negro Spiritual Arr. G. Schroth
Негритянский спиричуэлс
Выступление в...
From the original lead and backing vocalist of the super group Boney M comes this fantastic cover of the scottish singer/songwriter Edwyn Collins' ...
경북대학교 댄스팀 터프시커리 (Terpsichore)

Ezra Miller talks about playing Credence Barebone in Fantastic Beasts written by JK Rowling. He chats about his tough upbringing due to a stutter a...

**I do not own this music.For inspirational purposes only.
Cinematographer: Tania Magai
Tanya Ilinskaya
An amazing makeover by Id Hospital of a boy-looked-like girl!
She is looking so feminine and beautiful now :D

Id Hospital, where happier faces are...
Singalong to "Love You Like A Love Song" by Albert!

What song would you want your crush to sing to you?

Watch How To Build A Better Boy on Disne...
*WATCH IN HD* Heyyy!! This was so fun to make and i really hope you enjoy it!! ♥ What do we do with such a character like G-Dragon!? ;) Love his ...
Ciara-Like a Boy Music Video Taught by original Choreographer Roland 'RoRo' Tabor @ IDA Hollywood.

*I own no copyrights to ...
OneSpivn - Sasha Piven Video
Artist: Angie
Choreographer: Beam HoneyB
Dancers: Balm Bcharm l Koi Tayika l Dear Doojdear l Pim Chantalez

this is a remake of a 50's song, and chriss released 2 singles, both 50's rock songs remade to 80's eurodisco sound. When i first bought the tape d...
GLEE - Full Performance of A Boy Like That/I Have A Love.
Sung by: Santana Lopez/Naya Rivera and Rachel Berry/Lea Michele.
From 3x05 (The First Time).
Hum pour les cours :p

Jerry: « olé! »
Joe: Hi, Jerry! Everything under control?
Jerry: Have I got things to tell you!
Joe: Wha...
Panic! and Twenty One Pilots prank Fall Out Boy during "I'm Like A Lawyer..." - Save Rock And Roll Tour - Tampa

I don't own anything just editing. I used fancams and videos which I found on youtube...

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright A...
by Данил Митиков

I think that this Anime was the best in Spring 2017 ^^ it was so funny, romantic and they also hat action with magic and a none magic Sensei :3 may...

Backstreet Boys' official music video for 'In A World Like This'. Click to listen to Backstreet Boys on Spotify:
Backstreet Boys performing "In A World Like This" live on the MDA Telethon.
Best of Backstreet Boys:


Maria: Kiri Te Kanawa
Anita: Tatiana Troyanos

Conductor: Leonard Bernstein
Wolf Alice cover Chrli XCX's hit 'Boys' for triple j's Like A Version segment.

Like A Version is a segment on Australian radio station triple j.
Angie !
สาวห้าว เสียงทรงพลัง
ร้องปัง แร็ปเด่น เต้นได้
กับ Single เคลียร์ใจ
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"At over 10 minutes this is an extended rework of the original version by electronic duo the Junior Boys. Carl Craig leans heavily on the arpeggio ...
24 декабря 2017 г. Состоялось выступление ансамбля Осиновый Кол в кремле Измайлово ...
Thanks for Edgar!
Kurdish BSB Fan Page on Instagram:
A Person Like You ( 너란 사람 ) è un brano cantato dall'attore Jung Il Woo in onore del Drama Coreano " Flower Boy Ramyeon Shop ( 꽃미남 ...

Hey guys today I wanna show you my new created video of " how to impress a boy on chat & how to get a guy to like you over txt texting tips and tr...
Jazz Funk Choreo by Vyatina Ya
Music: Ciara – Like A Boy
Обучение Jazz Funk в Нижнем Новгороде - ht...

танцевальная группа Dance Mix. Школа танцев и акробатики на пилоне Diva Dance г.Новомосковск
ул.Космонавтов, 17а тел. 8-915-690-20-30
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Some Like It Hot movie clips:


Boy Like A Girl ft Ofelia (Official Video)

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Hi Guys! We had so much fun on set while...
?????????????? im gay ok and i wanted to make a video for the lazytown gays... i love them.

?????? also i made this in two days and im tired

This is for St Helens can hope you enjoy it.

Coloring- Nat Salvatore

Song: A boy like you
Edit by Luowl

Nuovo video della mia ship preferita Soul x Maka probabilmente quello che mi è venuto meglio u.u
Hey yall! Hope you guys enjoy the video! Thanks for all your support!
HUGE shoutout to Quest Learning Center for having me teach and thanks to all ...
photos @

A Night In Hell Hamburg Markthalle/Marx 11.03.2017

This week, MattyB sits down and watches the Haschak Sisters' new music video, "When A Girl Likes A B...
Sabrina - With A Boy Like You

This week, Ivey sits down to watch and react to the Haschak Sisters' hit song, "When a Girl Likes a ...
A boy like that
Who'd kill your brother
Forget that boy
And find another
One of your own kind
Stick to your own kind
A boy like that
Will giv...