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“Can't explain how amazing last night was! Easily the best birthday I've had. Surrounded by friends & one of my favorite artists! 🎉❤️🎤 @jamesbaymusic”
“Celebrating my best friends birthday dinner/an amazing welcome home from tour dinner! Thank you to everyone that Came to the #Sumeriantenyeartour 5weeks…”
“Throwback to V-Day with my best friends in the whole entire world. (Besides Gabe.. Gabe is my favorite sisters, sorry😏😊) @mynameissisi @chinamcclain”
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“Thank you @jaredeng for the ALS #icebucketchallenge nomination. In honor of my moms best friend @ellieod's brave and inspiring fight I am donating to the…”
The best actress of the Soviet Union is wishing the best Italian actor a Happy Birthday. My dear Italian friend Giuseppe congratulations on this day!!…
My fluffy best friend is a fox🐺😍
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“Thank you @mayaleclark for the most precious video I have ever received! It's the perfect thing to celebrate two years with my best friend @joeybragg.…”
30.11.2013 - не стало нашего любимого Пола

Песня : "Traps", исполнитель: Years & Years
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The Girl Of My Best Friend was written by Sam Bobrick and Beverly Ross, made famous in 1960 by Elvis Presley
Больше вайнов с "ходячими" вы можете найти тут ➡

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Elvis Presley - The Girl Of My Best Friend (1960) - The Overjazz Channel aims to offer only the best recordings from the begining era of modern mus...
Black The Ripper links up with a few Grime bosses to cover the Popcaan anthem 'Weed Is My Best Friend'! The visuals on this one are phenomenal, boa...
a great classic rock song

You're always dancing down the street
With your suede blue eyes
Every new boy that you meet
He doesn't know the real surprise
(Here she comes again)
When she's dancing 'neath the starry sky
She'll make you flip
(Here she comes again)
When she's dancing 'neath the starry sky
I kinda like the way she dips
And she's my best friend's girl
Well, she's my best friend's girl
But she used to be mine
You've got your nuclear boots
And your drip dry gloves
Oh, when you bite your lip
It's som
i met my internet best friend on 7.11.15! love her! #tini
If you've never had the chance to see Queen live then i heartily recommend seeing this show, it is the ultimate queen tribute show as every member of the group is hand picked by Roger Taylor himself.
"Best Friends Until the End of Time" is a Song from My little Pony Season 7 Episode 2
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My Best Friend (Tribute to Paul Walker) - Tyrese ft. Ludacris and The Roots

Produced By Main Event West

R.I.P Paul Walker
Sheldon and Leonard have a breakdown regarding their friendship.

Leonard and Sheldon are brilliant physicists - geniuses in the laboratory, but socially challenged everywhere else. Enter beautiful, street-smart neighbor, Penny, who aims to teach them a thing or two about life. Despite their on-again, off-again relationship in the past, Leonard believes he's found true love with Penny. Even Sheldon has found a female companion, entering into a "Relationship Agreement" with neurobiologist Amy Farrah Fowler.
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A huge t...

MY BEST FRIEND'S GIRL ― you're always dancing down the street / with your suede blue eyes / and every new boy that you meet / he doesn't know the real surprise / here she comes again / she's dancing 'neath the starry sky / she'll make you flip / she's dancing 'neath the starry sky / i kinda like the way she dips / she's my best friend's girl / she used to be mine / you've got your nuclear boots / and your drip dry glove / when you bite your lip / it's some reaction to love
Интро для Моего Лучшего друга-Кирилла!)))
О, как она ходит, как она разговаривает,
Как долго я могу еще притворятся?
О, я ничего не могу с этим поделать, я влюблен
В девушку своего лучшего друга.

Ее волосы прекрасны, ее кожа, такая белая.
Я мог бы продолжать до бесконечности.
О, я ничего не могу с этим поделать, я влюблен
В девушку своего лучшего друга.

Я хочу сказать ей о том, как люблю её,
И держать её в своих объятиях, но тогда,
Если она потеряет голову и скажет ему об этом,
Я никогда не смогу смотреть в лицо ни одному из них снова.

Как они целуются, это их счастье.
Кончится ли когда-нибудь боль в моем сердце?
Или же я буду всегда любить
Девушку своего лучшего друга?

И нет конца.
Будет ли этому когда-нибудь конец?
Пожалуйста, пусть это кончится.
ooooh u maek me live. Wherever this world can give to me. It's u, you're all I see.
ooooh you make me live now, honey. Ooooh you make me live.
Oh you're the best friend that I ever had.
I've been with u such a long tiem. You're mah sunshine and I want you to know, that my feelings are true.
I really luv you... You're my best friend.
ooooh u maek me live. Oh I've been wandering 'round. (Still, still come back to u.)
It rained or shined, you stood by me, girl. I'm haaaappy at all. You're my best friend.
ooooh u maek me live. Whenever this world is cruel to me, I got you to help me forgive.
ooooh you make me live now, honey. Ooooh you make me live.
Oh you're the 1-st one when things turn up bad.
You know I'll nevar be lonely.
You're my only one. And I love the things... I really love the things that you do.
You're my best friend!
Tyrese - My Best Friend - (Paul Walker Tribute Song) Ft Ludacris & The Roots OFFICIAL VIDEO 2013 RIP

"Tyler is literally my best friend, in the world."

Hi lovelies! :)
I found this in my computer, it's one of my old project...
Elvis recorded this song on : April 4, 1960.

At the : RCA Studio B, Nashville, Tennessee.

It's written by: Beverly Ross and Sam Bobrick.
My Little Pony: Дружба - це диво - Друзі навіки й назавжди [Український дубляж]

Співає / Vo...
John Eastman avenges His best Friend in 1980's Cult Hit, The Exterminator
скачано с
Канал: HaruP
все то, что нравится моим друзьям..... #dj #vitosmalevich #house #friends #thebest #my_favorite_music_for_yo...... →
My Best Friend The Grizzly Bear


Kids all over the world are comforted by their favourite teddy bear - who goes everywhere they do. But they'd all trade places with Mark and Dawn Dumas who have a REAL teddy bear in the form of 18-month-old grizzly bear Billy. Just like stuffed bears who are always by their kiddie owners' sides, Billy the grizzly bear even follows Mark to the local PUB near Vancouver, Canada. At 5ft on his hind legs, it's easy for Billy the grizzly bear to ge
Watch in HD, warning very colorful it may hurt your eyes XD

You are such a talented sweet girl, I wish we could talk more often and I MISS YOUR VIDEOS. I MISS THEM when can you vid again? I miss your vids like Ten misses Rose or Eleven Amy *uglysobbing*
Sorry but you are perfection ♡

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The best moments the my friends #1
Song: Still Young – Midnight (Party Thieves Trap Remix)

Special for Abilova Lira <3 <3 <3
Lauren's Pranks! Locking Alison in the bathroom
Multifandom Video- My Friends Have Always Been the Best of Me
The video is for all the amazing friendships in books, movies, and shows.
Song: Help by Hurts
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Merlin, Doctor Who, Sherlock
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I ♥ Oldies
The Girl Of My Best Friend ( 1960 ) - ELVIS PRESLEY - Lyrics
The way she walks,
The way she talks
How long can I pretend
Oh I can't help I'm in love
With the girl of my best friend

Her lovely hair,
Her skin so fair
I could go on and never end
Oh, I can't help I'm in love
With the girl of my best friend

S.Vansay ( Vanhxay )

"My Best Friend's Girl" is a song by American rock band The Cars from their 1978 self-titled debut album on Elektra Records. Written by Ric Ocasek and produced by Roy Thomas Baker, the song was released as the album's second single. It peaked at number 35 on the U.S. Hot 100 chart, and reached number three in the UK. "My Best Friend's Girl" was included on the soundtrack to the 1979 film Over the Edge, and the song appears on numerous compilation albums, such as the band's 1985 Greatest Hits, 1995's Just Wh
Friends in this video:
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Артём, спасибо!!! Шикарное видео)

Создано Picrolla
Bryan Ferry - The Girl Of My Best Friend [Official]
Prodigy Concert @ Stadium Live, Moscow 2015
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BEST FRIENDS met in Moscow on The Prodigy
A live cover recorded for John's brand new radio show, Mixed Tape.

Mixed Tape - (Mondays at 7 PM Eastern)
Hey guys, I have wanted to to do another Doctor and Amy videos for awhile, but it's taken a contest to actually get it out of me! Haha.

So in this round of The Journey Contest, we had to choose a friendship or family so who better than The Doctor and Amy? You have to love this Friendship...well and family I guess too, seeing as Amy is after all The Doctor's Mother-in-law. Haha! Two birds with one stone! :D

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the video! I almost thought I wouldn't get it done. I managed to bloody br
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Elvis tribute No where to be found

Full colour for this charming version of "The Girl Of My Best Friend"
Song: Dawin - Dessert


first off i would like to thank for introducing me to this amazing movie!!! & go check out her vid on it it is absolutely breath taking

I just love Japanese movies/dramas there just something special about them. They love to hit on core values.. families, friendships, relationships. They have some of the most touching and be
John Deacon
Freddie Mercury
Roger Taylor
Brian May

Album: A Night At The Opera

Ooo. you make me live
whatever this world can give to me
It's you, you're all I see
Ooo, you make me live now honey
Ooo, you make me live
#MyBestFriendsWedding #TheCastOfMyBestFriendsWeddingISayALittlePrayer #video #АфишаFM #AfishaFM
#РадиоРоссии #Спб
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Cartoon Network goes karaoke crazy! Tune-in to CN Philippines on weekends from Saturday 27th September at10am and sing your heart out to karaoke ve...
3 Girls The Best Yoga Challenge 2017 | My Best Three Friend july, Chic and Julia Yoga Challenge...

I created this vi...
#NIGERIAN MOVIES 2017 | #AFRICAN MOVIES 2017 This movie is about two best friends who finds each others wife attractive,things got worse when they ...

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Sometimes we get involved in some weird stuff. This seemed like as good a place as any to put this. [puts video here]

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Пісня з м/с Софія Прекрасна Українською
Sofia the First song in Ukrainian
еп. У пошуках Кловера
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Hey guys, todays video is more of a story about how my ex-best friend outed me to people at my school, and I offer advice on being careful who to t...
to see this and other complete videos please visit
Bryan Ferry - Taxi Album
My Boyfriend Made Out With My Best Friend
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Although much was made of their sense of new wave cool during their heyday, the real reason that the Cars' recorded work holds up so well is that i...
(HQ digital stereo remaster) For the first time in stereo, this is the video for The Cars' second single, released in 1978. Hard to believe it's m...
Группа Теда исполняет песню The Beatles - Eight Days a Week
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Как ни странно, сегодня я могу себе...

Eng: I love you so much ErBear. Will see eachother again soon!
Ru: Люблю тебя, ErBear. Мы ещё встретимся.

Clifford The Big Red Dog Cartoons In English

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#Piano Arrangement "Best Friends Until the End of Time" song from season 7 episode 2 "All Bottled Up" is finally done.

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Dancing with my student - Yana Yaroshchuk in The Stage Dance Academy!) Contemporary duet on music Hollywood Anderson -
My Best Friend.

Choreo: Ju...

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“Best Friends Until the End of Time” (Vocals Only) from the episode “All Bottled Up” of "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic” (S07E02).

Смотреть сериал The.New.Adventures.of.Old.Christine.s01e12.Some.of.My.Best.Friends.Are.Portuguese.DVDRip.Rus.Eng бесплатно ...
про мою Наташку