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“When building booty, remember all 3 glute muscles. Weighted one legged deadlifts, like these, are great for working the medius glute. Try it. Only…”

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Viktoriya Ilchenko fitness motivation ( Ukraine Kiev ) I love sport & tattoo
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Ms Twerka-lish-us as her friends call her, is a dancer and model from outside London who gave Butterflymodels a sneak peak of her skills.

Expect to see more from her coming soon - Twitter: @Model_Tara
Monica Mowi in action in the gym...for more muscle goodies, see<br/><br/>
Don't forget about the glute medius and the glute minimus! They are located in the side hip area and are very important muscles in shaping the hourglass figure!! This is a full follow along video. All you need is resistance bands. You can purchase these bands in the brickbuilt store:

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Powershaker! Versterk je rug, buik en armen. Kom eens een gratis proefles meedoen. Info:
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Your body is a machine that will adapt and evolve. Always amazed at what the body can do..
Australian mum of 2 🌴 💪🏽 Women's Best 💪🏽...
Get ready to tone your glutes and burn your booty in this 10-minute workout.
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