“I told you I was going to put this @mitsubishiaust Outlander through a workout! Couldn't help myself from having a final road test with it at the park. 🙊…”
“My little playtime workout today was: 2 x rounds with the kids for fun, then finished with another 3 rounds on my own while they had a jump on the…”
“Its been raining all week and my little people had some serious cabin fever - so off we went to my mummy's house for a play and snuck in a little workout…”
“Bench workout today with my little people and nephew. This is a fun one to do at the park. I aimed for 12 reps of each (inc 45sec plank) and repeated for…”
“Sometimes when Daddy gets home early, we make him play 😉! Quick look at our playtime workout with the kids 👍🏼. Full clip on my YouTube channel (link in…”
“You know when you stumble across someone on Instagram and know that you'd be great workout friends if you lived closer? Well, that's this gorgeous mum…”
“Feels good to be slowly moving my lower body again. My little people are very excited that their cousins have come to stay for a few days and I was pretty…”
“This mummy of twins certainly walks my walk! Meet Andrea and her two gorgeous babes 😍💪🏼! @deliciouslyfitnhealthy #twinmum #strongmumsunite…”
“Life is full of constant change. As a parent, i realise that now more than ever before. Your health is your greatest wealth. Spend a little time on it…”
“Another fun afternoon with my little people! Today's workout: As many rounds, reps, jumps, planks, whatever I could do - in 15 mins 🙈! Felt great to be…”
“My sister and I made the boys work for their Sunday afternoon beer yesterday! Here's a look at our couples workout 🙊! 15 minutes of movement = happy kids…”
“Bit of a late afternoon playtime workout with my (tantrum throwing, two year old) twins today while my big girl was out on a daddy date. I'm finding this…”
“Fun little playtime core workout on our new swing set today! There's no place like home with three kids within 19 months. You just gotta do what works…”
“Mummy/toddler Christmas workout 😝! Can't beat them, join them! Thank you to the lovely mumma at @be_activewear for my new crop! Love it! Full and slower…”
“Another playtime workout with my little tribe. Today I did Tabata - 20 secs work, 10 secs for a 4min round. 3 X rounds in total and I just swapped around…”
“Sometimes when Daddy gets home early, we make him join in on our playtime workouts 🙊 With three kids within 19 months of age, there is no place like…”
“After a few big weeks of the kids starting at a new big kindy and mummy being back in an office part-time, I couldn't wait to get outside with my little…”
“My happy place. ➕ 15 minute workout to refuel, replenish and restore. Works every time. Full clip on my YouTube channel soon. ☺️✌🏼️ Nighty night,…”
“Playtime workout with my training buddies today 😉. One of the greatest things that I love about moving my body is the instant release of endorphins it…”
“Such a fun (and big) day today! Had the pleasure of looking after my little 10 month old nephew in addition to my twinnies. (Big girl is still off…”