Stunning Lexus IS 350 0-60 Time to Impress You



Everyone is asking about the car acceleration including the Lexus IS 350 0-60. The Lexus IS 350 0-60 time seems to be more important than the luxury comforts and great performance. It has good horsepower that works with, unfortunately, softer handling. Thus, to respond to this power and handling, this luxury sedan is offered in two entry level models.

The engine under the hood of this Lexus is sedan features potential V6 engine. The interior is with perfect crafting and materials. It looks better than the predecessors that were well known with their cramped interiors. The new Lexus IS 350 is completed with improved and upgraded quality of the interior. It gives practical use and aesthetic look. Perfect! The exterior is also getting better. Stylish look is presented by the new body curves. Some new features are also introduced.

It is important to get closer with the current Lexus IS 350. It was redesigned for 2014. The IS 350 current sedan is the third generation of the IS sedan family. It gets better design with larger body. Of course, roomy interior is achieved with this new design to fulfill the customers’ needs of comfort. The cargo space is also larger than one of its predecessor. Higher technology features and better safety strengthen the reason why the Lexus is sedan fans should move to this current sedan. Before getting to know the engine, it is interesting enough to see this new design and feature.

Some more features are so attractive. The 17 inch wheels, modern xenon headlights, power front seats, a moonroof, a keyless ignition, automatic dual zone climate control are still not enough. For the entertainment, Bluetooth phone, USB or iPod integration and audio connectivity may lead you to have a high experience of driving. The optional features are far more alluring. They will be 18  inch wheels for the F sport package, a returned suspension, smart navigation system, leather interior, wood trim accents, better steering wheel and alert systems make them feel better than the conventional one, although the engine and transmission are same.

The new Lexus IS 350 is powered with a robust 3.5 l V6 engine. It will be surprising enough to produce 306 horsepower. The torque will be 277 pound feet. There are two options to take, rear wheel drive and all wheel drive. The transmission works for this sedan is an eight speed automatic transmission for the RWD models and a six speed automatic transmission of the AWD model. This will complete its acceleration of current Lexus IS 350 0-60in 5 second, better than the 2014 Lexus IS 350 0-60 which takes 5.6 seconds.

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