The Comparisons Data from the 0-60 Times Audi

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If you belong to car enthusiast or even you are racer, you have to take a minute to see the overview of 0-60 times Audi. There are many kinds of Audi. What we are going to talk today is the comparison between some types of the car related to its times to reach the speed from 0 to 60 miles per hours. Would you mind to have a look at it for a while?

The data below are actually gathered from some sources which are of course quite credible and trusted. Actually, there are some factors that can influence the stats of 0-60 time. What are they? They are about the surface of the race track, the weather, the testing conditions, and also the fuel level. There are other factors that can also influence. Therefore, some different sources may have the different results although they test the same car. It is because the effects of some factors that can create different results.

Here are the data that can be collected and let us see the comparison between car types. The first one is the type of Audi 100. There are at least five cars that can be compared. In the year of 1992, there are Audi 100 and Audi 100 CS. The 0-60 times are 8.30 sec and 16.60 sec for the ¼ mile times. For the Audi 100 CS, it is 8.50 sec for the 0-60 time and also 16.70 sec for the ¼ miles times.

The next comparison still for the Audi 100 is for the car of the 1993 years. There is Audi 100 CS Quattro Wagon which can reach 11.50 sec and 18.30 sec for the ¼ mile times. The other one is what it is called as Audi 100 S year 1993 that can reach 8.40 sec for the 0-60 times and also 16.70 for the 16.70 sec. There is also the same type of Audi 100 S for the year of 1992. The result shows that the 0-60 times reach 8.40 sec and the ¼ mile can reach 16.70 sec.

For the other types of Audi namely Audi 200, there is Audi 200 Turbo Quattro 20V Wagon year 1991. The result showed 7.70 sec for the 0-60 times and also 15.80 sec for the1/4 mile times. There is also Audi 4000 for the year 1980. The result of the test showed 12.60 sec for the 0-60 times and also 18.80 sec for the ¼ mile times. Those are some 0-60 times Audicomparisons that can be your information.

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