The Data of the Test Result for 0-60 Tesla

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Have you ever known any information about 0-60 Tesla? Well, you may have been quite familiar with Tesla Motors, Inc. This is related to the topic that we are going to talk today. It is actually Energy Storage Company and American Automotive Company that produces and sells the luxurious electric vehicles including cars or electric cars with the component of power train and also battery products.

But what we are going to share to you is not about the specs of this kind of the car or the design of interior. What we are going to talk about is the speed of the cars to reach 0 to 60 miles per hours. The results of some test may be different although the tester uses the same type of the car. Weather, the fuel, and the condition of the road for the test can be the factors that can influence the result. Here are some comparisons from some types of the cars.

The first is the Tesla model S. This car is produced in the year of 2013. This is actually quite a new car. What is the result of the test? The datum showed that this model can reach 0-60 only in 4.40 sec. How about the ¼ mile times? For it, the car can reach 12.60 sec. Let us compare with the other types of the car. For the comparison, we can take Tesla Model S P85 which is produced in 2012 that can reach 60 speeds only in 3.90. Meanwhile for the ¼ mile times, it gets the point of 12.50 sec.

The next two cars to compare are Tesla roadster which is produced in the year of 2008 and also Tesla Roadster X 2014, the newest type. How are the data of the two tested cars? For the first car, Tesla Roadster 2008, the result shows that the 0-60 times is 5.00. Then the ¼ mile times is 13.30 sec. The other one, Tesla Roadster X reach the same time with the roadster that is 60 only in 5 seconds.

Those are the data of the 0-60 Tesla. There are some significant different that can be seen from the data result showed above. Once again, there are many factors actually that can influence the result but it does not mean that the data are not accurate. Through this fact, you can find out which car suits you best.

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