The Fastest Time of 05 Mustang GT 0-60 Test for Coupe and Convertible


Ford has manufactured so many Mustangs since 1964. Now, we’re about to talk about the 05 Mustang GT 0-60 and its specifications. The 2005 Ford Mustang GT came in some different models including GT Convertible, GT Coupe, and so on. Before we talk about Mustang’s 0-60, do you know what this 0-60 is? It is the time that Mustang takes for the engine to reach the 60 miles per hour. To see the time Mustang takes to reach 60 miles per hour speed, there is a test.

When the 2005 Ford Mustang is tested, it should be started at the position of stand still. The time of this test is in second. 1.7 seconds was the fastest result of 0-60 test. All models of Ford’s 2005 Mustang have been tested for this 0-60. For the convertible model of Mustang GT 2005, the 0-60 test result is 5.1 seconds. The 0-60 test result for original Ford Mustang GT is 5.0 seconds.

Since every model of 2005 Ford’s Mustang should be tested, the test result of each 2005 Ford Mustang is different, this depends on the engine of each car. Beside Ford Mustang GT and GT Convertible, there was also Ford’s Mustang GT Coupe that was tested. The result for the Premium Coupe with five-speed in manual transmission was 4.8 seconds. While the result for the same Premium Coupe but has automatic transmission been 5.1 seconds. 2005 Ford Mustang GT also came in Deluxe Coupe model. This model has been tested too and its result is 5.3 seconds.

There was a special Coupe model of 2005 Mustang GT of Ford; this Premium Coupe is different since it has V6 engine on it. When this V6 Coupe was tested, the fastest time was 6.9 seconds. Ford also has some Mustang GT in convertible model. The Convertible model of 2005 Ford’s Mustang GT was also designed in several types. First is the Premium Convertible with five-speed and manual transmission. This model can reach 60 miles per hour speed in 5.0 seconds.

Actually, the result of 05 Mustang GT 0-60 test is affected by the driver and the engine used in the car. 2005 Ford Mustang GT itself comes in several engine options. The first engine is 4.0 liter V6 engine that is able to produce 210 horsepower. The second engine is 4.6 liter V8 engine that will produce 300 horsepower. Those engines came with two different transmissions, five-speed manual transmission and five-speed automatic transmission.

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