2003 Mercury Marauder 0-60 VT Series Performance You Must Know

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If you consider Mercury Marauder car, this is the car that picked on the principle that is existing in this year by the design of muscular Marauder car. It is better than Chevy in the matter of having tighter suspension, more horsepower, and beefier tire or wheel package.  If you want to buy 2003 Mercury Marauder 0-60 VT Series, you need to know that this car has acceleration time in 5.1 seconds. You can also choose three engine combinations that have been upgraded.

They are an aspirated natural stoker V8, a blown and stroked V8, and Paxton stock V8 which is supercharged. The VT series remove and disassemble the 4.6 liter stock DOHC V8. What is attached for costuming the machine is Oliver billet bars and long stroke and forged steel crankshaft groups. If you know that actually Marauder was never intended to be a gap racer, yet it attempts to increase the handling sport using a set of Budnik Frontana that is 9.0×19 inches and aluminum wheels which are forged.

The steering feel is a little bit sharper. Unfortunately, it has no upgrades on the suspension. For example, it will be better if it has better dampers or springs which are stiffer. The car has proven a fishtailing giant by its slalom when its rear wheels belch plumes of the smoke. Many reports have told to public that this car has some patrons which are inside Ford that work to save this.

Other specifications of this car is that it has been equipped with Pro-M bunch air meter which is 80mm and air inlet which has concept of free breathing. This feature has improved flow that is on the intake side. Then, the rest is held by Random Technology converters that has high flow catalytic. It is mated to a practice system of dual exhaust, stainless steel with 2.5 inches. Then, it has results on the wicked and blaring sound. This is a type of four door car. The weigh is 1970kg. It uses V8 Powertrain which is 4.6 I and 360 ps. The transmission it has is automatic four speed. It has front engine and back wheel drive.

2003 Mercury Marauder 0-60 VT which only needs 5.1 seconds would be quite different from 2003 Mercury Marauder 4.6 32 Valve 302 HP which is from North America. It is said as one of the most excellent for sedan in full amount performance over years. This series has benefits on its planned supercharged.

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