2015 Mercedes C300 0-60 Has Beaten Its Rivals Now!

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If you happen to know, the C-class of Mercedes was lowest priority because some people believe that Mercedes C-Class was not in one level to beat its rival such as Audi A4 which offers much better design and styling. It is an unpleasant car which was not considerably revitalized and improved since its launching in 2007. But, all those beliefs are broken down because of the emergence of 2015 Mercedes C300 0-60 AMG 4MATIC which needs only 6.2 seconds to hit 60 miles per hour.

Then, the C-Class of Mercedes is all new for 2015 series. For example, the wheelbase is increased from 3 inches to 112. It means that it is 1.6 inches larger than the previous. In addition, the capacity is increased into 12.8 cubic feet. It will swallow all of your groceries, of course. The C300 series gets its own AMG stripes with a sport offering package that features sport suspension, MAG body modification, and AMG wheels that are 18 inches.  You will have a little rocket experience if you click suspension feature and sport feature.

What make it somewhat awesome are the ultra responsive steering and also its revs which never plunge below 3000 RPM from 7 automatic speed. This car also surely offers you comfort, eco and sport suspension. One feature example that you might not yet know is about its touchpad which is placed in the rest above the controller. It is designed to the Comand Infotainment System and how it works will be by swiping it just like you swipe your smartphone. But, it does not mean that you have to use your smartphone while operating it. This is much easier to operate.

The safety feature is not beatable. It is equipped with some innovative features of safety more than the usual expectation. There is a standard accident prevention help extra system which is able to execute independent braking up to 124 miles per hour. It will work if it catches danger and if the driver does not give any response. The fuel economy will help you with this kind of car that has aerodynamic touch.

2015 Mercedes C300 0-60 does not specify that suspension used to be use. However, it runs 0-60 in only 6.2 seconds. If you know that, it has handling which comes with all wheel drive operation. And it is constantly responsive. Talking about the price, it spends your money about $40,400 for the cheapest. If there are several other technical wizardry and slap on its features, the price will head fast to $58,000.

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