All Generation of Eclipse Gsx 0-60

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The widely known automobile manufacture, Mitsubishi, already launches a lot of car series in this decade. One of the successful car series all over the years is Mitsubishi Eclipse Gsx 0-60 that has variety range of engine performance. Mitsubishi launches the first series of Mitsubishi Eclipse in 1989 and until now it already produced so many Eclipse series launched start from that year. Mitsubishi always develop new technology for their car by refining brakes, discs, and shift action. So, the buyer will be satisfied with Mitsubishi car and it could compete with other car brands.

The series of Eclipse car vary start from 1989 there are Eclipse GS, Eclipse GSX, Eclipse GS Turbo, Eclipse GS-T, Eclipse Spyder GT and Eclipse Spyder. Each type of the series has differences in the engine performance. But now, this car already is developed with VR6 and VTEC engine that could produce 3000rpm and more. In the test, Mitsubishi wins as the best 0-60 top speed among any other cars in its class. It shows significant result for other competitors because of the engine that Mitsubishi has is very powerful and strong.

In the first launch in 1989, Mitsubishi Eclipse GS could reach 60 mph in 7.1 seconds which is quite fast in that era. The next series launched in the new years in the name of Eclipse GSX and GS-T in 1990. The ability of the engine in this car is improved by hit the 60 mph in 6.8 seconds only. With these speed the car could reach more than 15 miles from its start. In the next two years, Eclipse series launch Eclipse GST but it tends to be slower than the two current car. That is why Mitsubishi launch other series in the same year with Eclipse GS Turbo that could reach 0-60 mph in 6.6 seconds.

In 20’s Mitsubishi launch eight new series of Eclipse. It does not have a lot of differences from the current cars. However, the engine specifications and performance increases a lot. Besides the engine performance, the new Eclipse series that launched in 2010 has modern shape of interior and exterior design. This makes this car become favorite car of the year.

Mitsubishi that is widely known as one of the fast car producers already produce a lot of high quality cars all around the world. Eclipse is one of the best car that ever been produce by Mitsubishi. Eclipse Gsx 0-60 prove that the quality of this car can compete through all over the year in engine performance and other advanced features.

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