All New 2016 Dart srt4

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In 2016, Dodge plans to launch dodge dart srt4. The new series from srt4 could heal the disappointment of Dodge fans because the previous serious cannot fulfill fans expectation. The new Dart srt4 comes with new improvement and technology that make this car perform better. Dodge Dart is widely famous in America as small hot sedan that always attracts people’s attention. The new series of this car will still use the same platform but it will improve in the transmission and engine specifications.

If you feel excited to have this car you may feel curious about the price that Dodge will offer for this car. The base price for this car is over $16.500 which is quite fair and more manageable. Dodge promised to add new features in this car, that is why this car is launched to have five exterior designs which are differentiated by the trim levels, they are SE, SXT, Aero, Limited and GT. Besides this, future buyers could design their own Dart to make it more unique by couples of additional features provided by Dodge. Each of the types has its own characteristics that make their car different between one another.

Even though Dodge will make some improvement for the new Dart Srt4, the size and the interior will be quite same with its predecessors. But the exterior will be much closer with Charger rather than its current type. It makes new Dart srt4 tend to be much more aggressive. New Dodge srt4 will be made using high quality materials and advanced technology system. The new features such as zone automatic climate control, safety system and new ambient lighting make this car look much more modern and better.

For new modern features such as high strength cassis, stability control, air bags, park view rear camera and other will make you drive safer and more comfortable. Besides this feature, new entertainment features also added in this car such as unconnected system with wide 8.4″ touch screen display, integrated radio, voice command, and digital gauge cluster. You will experience the new entertainment system in this small sedan car.

For the engine, new Dart srt4 will be equipped with three different types of engine. The base engine specification for Dart srt4 is using 2.0 liter Tigershark producing 160 horsepower. The second engine is much smaller with 1.4 liter engine to produce 160 horsepower. The third engine specification will be 2.4 liter Tigershark that produce 184 horsepower. For the transmission, the new 2016 Dart will be equipped with six speed manual transmission while the automatic transmission comes as options. So, if you want to own this dodge dart srt4, you could own this car by visiting the nearby car dealer.

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