Faster and Lighter Camaro SS Coupe: Camaro 2ss 0-60


Chevrolet will launch the new series of Camaro SS coupe in 2016 with Camaro 2ss 0-60. This car is expected to be one of the fastest cars with powerful and strong performance. Camaro SS series will hit 60mph only in four seconds. This capability makes this sports car become the one of the best cars in its class that could compete with other car from biggest manufacture such as Audi and BMW. The engine of this car, make it able to reach its quarter in less than 13 seconds at 116mph. There will be much variation for the engine in this car, but 8 speed automatic transmissions will be suitable for this car.

This new 2016 Camaro SS coupe use 6.2 liter of LT 1 V-8 engine that could produce 450horsepower. With this high tech engine, this car has maximum performance to reach its top speed in less than 13 hours and reach its benchmark in four seconds. This car is only slightly slower compared with Chevrolet Corvette Z51 that could produce 460 horsepower. The competitor for this car which is very strong in the market is Ford Mustang GT. Ford Mustang cold run in the same speed with Camaro SS coupe with almost same engine specification.

Camaro SS couple has some differences compared with its predecessors. This car is lighter since it has 3,685 lb for the manual transmission which makes this car more skinner and more interesting. Another feature that is added in this car is that this car uses g-forces and high performance wheel using Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetrical. This car allows you to drive safely in all season without changing the wheel types.

If you like to own this car, you could get this car star from $26,000 for the standard design and $45,000 for the high end specification. This price is quite reasonable from the feature which is provided in the car. It will allow you to experience the new entertainment technology and sportier design of car which is much more fancy and classy.

If you like to challenge yourself to drive a fast car, you could choose Camaro SS coupe as one car that should be owned. This car could reach 60mph in four seconds only. Camaro 2ss 0-60 is the best car for you who like to have a fast and powerful car that is not too expensive and classy in design. You could have a car that is not as expensive as Audi or BMW cars but still fast.

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